Preventative Maintenance

We perform all factory maintenance for your truck to keep it in warranty, at a fraction of the cost of the dealer.  We can print a schedule of the maintenance for your truck and provide you with records to keep in compliance with your vehicles factory warranty. No warranty? No problem. We still provide you with a print out of the recommended services.  Protect your car and your pocket book, call us today.

Transmission Maintenance

It is very important not to overlook the maintenance of your transmission. Like the engine motor oil, transmission fluid does wear out. Not as fast as engine oil, but in or around 40,000 km and 60,000 km. Transmission fluid is critical on making your car or truck go. Therefore, it is important to check the level or condition. When in doubt, bring your truck in and have an automotive service professional check the level and condition. As you change your motor oil filter as routine maintenance, it may also be necessary to change the transmission filter as routine maintenance.